Set 34 years after the famous film, Johnny reopens the infamous Cobra Kai, reigniting his rivalry with Daniel LaRusso. It was exciting to work on a sequel series for one of the most beloved films of all time. This involved VFX to help a lot of impressive stunt work!

Announcement for S2, coming in 2019.


Frustrated with Earth, God decides to scrap it – until two angels try to change his mind.
Miracle Workers created a universe that was both completely fantastical while also being rooted firmly in the uglier side of modern bureaucracy. We had the opportunity to create the looks for many of the major locations in the series – such as Heaven, Inc, God’s Office, and the view of Earth from the balcony. It was a great experience to work on something that allowed us to build a creative version of what Heaven might be like.

Watch the first episode here.


Manifest tells the story of the passengers of Montego 828 – a flight that goes missing, then lands five years later as if nothing had happened. The sci-fi nature of the show necessitated a lot of crazy VFX, such as CG lightening storms, strange visions, and vomiting up gallons of water on dry land.

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